Sunday, December 12, 2010

anger (five)

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This is the last post.  Thanks for "allowing" me to share some of my story.  Thanks for grace as you have read it.  

To finish, the last bit of the email...
"I will also add that the 1 year old range is a challenging one (I'm sure much more so with a boy).  For us, it was when we were traveling and moving here.  That's when I read the book "Love & Logic" because I was losing it a bit with Evee.  I think its a process of figuring out how you're going to parent and who plays what role.  From my experience it gets easier to parent as a team from that age up...does that make sense?  (and I will note here, that was my personal experience up to now - our 3 1/2 years - parenting has not gotten easier per se, but we've talked more about how to parent together.)

Anyway!  That's a lot of stuff to take in!  Didn't know I had that all in me. 

We all mess up so much along the way.  I find assurance in that...  Even as I write this I think, I'll probably get really angry again soon and have to think through this all once again :).  I'm so thankful for grace in the process. 

If I think of any books I'll let you know.  The only one coming to mind is the Mother Teresa book I tend to look through now and again.  She says that peace and war starts within one's home.  For never being married or having kids (of her own anyway) she was incredibly wise.  I think anything having to do with love and grace would be helpful...give grace to yourself." 

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