Thursday, November 4, 2010

i blog

This space has gone a variety of directions since I started it.  I think the last 3 years, in particular, have been years of realizing who I am and resting in that.

Of course, it is a journey.  My desire is to know peace, live simplicity and learn to love.  I am so far from this most moments.

I've realized that in all reality I blog to myself.  There is much I don't know, much to be reminded of, much to be held accountable for.  And that is what this space has come to be.

A place to remember the beauty of moments.  A place to rest in the midst of striving.  A place to remember the One who created me and be reminded of my existence.  A place to dwell on that which brings peace.  A place to learn how to love.

I've been processing this over the last couple of weeks...that's the only reason I write it here now.  Not that anyone needs an "update" since this blog is constantly evolving, but more for my own peace of mind.  In my own need to know why I write and my desire to be authentic. 

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  1. Love the way you have summed this all up :)
    See you @ the conference.