Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I have songs that run through my head.  Usually if a song last for more than a week or 2 it means something.  If it lasts that long I start to really listen to the words.  I begin to take them in.

On the long flight there was a moment where Evee was breaking down.  Understandably the child was overtired and at her wits end.  She was trying to break free as I had my arms wrapped around her body telling her that she needed to get some sleep.  She was crying loudly that she wasn't tired and wanted to stay up for "just a bit longer".  I was trying hard to focus on my child and not the fact that we were probably keeping people up and I looked like a horrible parent. 

As I held her to me she started to quiet down.  I eventually laid her down on the seats.  I began to sing to her.  The same songs I always sing to her.  About my love for her.  I sang the song my dad always sang to me.  She got quiet.  I touched her face and her eyes began to close. 

I sang those songs over and over again.  Her body gave in and sleep came quickly. 

Gentleness.  Love.  It's amazing how it works.

This is how are travels started.  The ended just the same.  At the end of a make-it-through jet lag day, Evee laid in her own bed, crying, tired, with me singing her to sleep.  


  1. Oh so sweet Jamie!

    I think I need someone to sing me a song right now :)after a traumatic evening realizing I had a lost or stolen passport and I'm suppose to fly to Spain in the morning :). Ugh!

    Love you!

  2. Welcome back! Can't wait to hear about your trip! And what a sweet post. You are such a great mom.