Friday, October 29, 2010


As we boarded the plane in JFK I was partly looking forward to the hours we'd have to sit and be together as a family.  I'd been gone the 3 days before.  I imagined that Clint and I would have a bit of time to talk while the girls peacefully slept on or next to us. 

At the ages of 3 months and 3 years, I figured that this might be the best overseas trip we'll have had in awhile or will have anytime soon.  We'd been over to Australia when Evee was 10 months and almost 2 years old...I'd choose not to travel around those ages again. 

But, this time we had a child who could talk to us, tell us what she needed, watch movies, and sleep while leaning on us.  And another who is super easy, had a basinette (at least for the LA to New Zealand portion), and goes to sleep without help on a regular basis. 

Within 30 minutes of our first flight Iris had eaten and fallen asleep and soon after Evee was leaning on Clint and asleep herself.  It was just as I'd imagined.  Perfect.

30 minutes later both girls were awake.

In the end it went fairly smooth and I figured it could only get better.  On the long flight we'd have a tv and a basinette and an extra seat for Evee to sleep on. 

As we boarded I almost told those around us not to worry since our girls would probably sleep the whole time.  I figured that as we reached our destination 12 hours later I'd hear a chorus of, "what great kids you have" and "they did fantastic".

How quickly I am humbled (and thankful that I kept my mouth shut). 

No, our girls were the loud ones.  They were the overly tired kiddos who missed just about an entire night's sleep.  Yes, yes, those were mine. 

Please don't be too quick to judge the crazy parents who bring multiple little ones on the plane and sit right next to you. 

It could be us :).


  1. We had that happen on our way back from Germany to Denver. Samantha wasn't really Loud but was never quiet. It is amazing how difficult a lack of nap and lack of night sleep can make a little one on edge!!! I always just tell myself...the people around you will forget about the trip at the most in 24 hours!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your flight story Jamie, and thanks for your honesty. Kids will be kids no matter what I guess.

    Hope the flight back home goes better.