Friday, November 4, 2011

Vienna, Vienna

The girls and I arrived back to New Jersey last night.   We made it on the almost 10 hour flight home...yikes.  But, we arrived and are rejoining normal life again. 

One more post about being away, though.  I'm ending where I started...Vienna.  Simply because I never shared pictures about it.  This is going back to our first week.

It was wonderful and beautiful and what you'd expect it to be.  And to be together with the girls at my parents was also as wonderful as you'd expect.
I already mentioned the glorious train ride.  Sitting, reading, being quiet.

We toured and walked and saw a good bit of the city.  We went to the summer castle and the regular castle (for lack of knowing it's name).

We went to dinner.  A little place with a few tables that sat close together.  It seemed to be true Austrian food and had a nice atmosphere. 

It was an interesting evening since maybe I had some stuff I needed to get out of my head that hadn't been there too long, but long enough.  You know the sort?  So, I talked and cried for a portion of our dinner...even in Vienna.  The couple sitting less than a foot away were also American and spoke English.  So, that was awesome.  I probably killed the atmosphere of their dinner, even though I talked softly and didn't make a whole lot of sense. 

Even in the sites of Vienna, we are on a journey and even on the crying days, the journey is good.  In the end it was a beautiful night and I am more than thankful for my husband and life partner.