Tuesday, November 1, 2011

grandparents, jeanie and almost leaving

Well tomorrow is our last full day here.  It's been wonderful...to be with my parents, see beautiful places in Europe and have time, just to be.

Another super special treat was to have my dear friend Jeanie come visit from England.  Thankfully Clint even got to see her for a day (maybe less) before he left...and then she stayed another 3-4 days beyond that.  Although I don't have but 3 pictures with her, it was so nice to be together.

Really, we just hung out, walked around, ate and drank coffee.  We finished most nights playing Dutch Blitz or Speed Scrabble.  It was wonderful.  And to see her baby bump, in person, was perfect.

Besides that and all I've shared in previous posts...
my mom made raspberry pie and it has been awesome
we've gone out for coffee very regularly
ridden the trams multiple times each day
lots of walking
Evee carved a pumpkin with my mom
we are decorating for Christmas (early)...putting out decorations and a little tree...dancing to Christmas music

yes, Halloween and Christmas in the same week :)