Monday, October 31, 2011

the muppets and a haircut

We are recovering from sickness.  In our last days here with my parents Evee has been running a fever, throwing up and coughing a bit (yes, I know you wanted to know details).

Iris has not been sick, however, possibly fighting something.  We all know she is a sleeper, but 2 naps a day that are 4-5 hours long?  That's a lot, even for her.

We are on the mend.  In the meantime, we have been watching a lot of The Muppets and loving it.  Also, papa brought Evee flowers and me and mom coffee.  We've been lounging a bit and I've been working on some of the knitting Evee took up before we came to visit since I finished my book last week and another this week.  Not bad for being sick (granted, I shouldn't talk since I'm not the one sick).  Evee is a trooper. 

On other random notes...

I'm thinking about what I want to make for Christmas - in the forms of gifts and traditions.  It always sneaks up on me.  We will do another musing garland because we loved it so last year.  And my plan is to make a few extra so that I can send them to anyone who would want to join in this year...  I'll let you know when I get to the sewing machine!

I also got my haircut and it's short again (thanks for the picture Joni and the encouragement Jeanie).