Tuesday, December 21, 2010

counting the days

Once we hit December Evee started asking every day, "Is today Christmas?"  As much as I love the girl's anticipation, I figured it would be easier to make something tangible for her to see the day coming closer.

We made a paper chain.  We put advent readings on them and were going to do them each night during dinner.

It started out well.  She was always up for the reading and talking, but after couple of days we realized that it was a bit much at this point.

We still have the chain, but I started to brainstorm again.

In the spirit of it being the end of the year I put together something that will easily help us look back over the year...in gratitude and for memories.

Its also a "Christmas decoration".  Each day we answer one question about the year.  It may be what the most significant event was (Iris for 2010 :)).  The best place we visited.  Favorite song, favorite memories, favorite people....  Some of them are deep questions about our year, others are light, others are fun.  All of them memories that we want to remember from the year.

There are 25.  December 1st - 25th we answer these questions.  I sewed together simple "tabs" using muslin fabric and twine.  I write our answers on the tabs with a fabric marker. 

Our hope is to continue to do this each year in December.  Next year maybe I'll use different color fabric or ribbon.  I'm sure eventually the tabs will get longer with 4 of us (who knows, maybe more) answering the questions.  Each year the same questions, different answers. 

It also serves as a Christmas ornament.  I figure for all the moving we've done (and will continue to do) it's easier for this family to have easy, transportable decorations that won't break.

I love that we can all participate.  It is not beyond a 3 year old or too easy for a 30 year old.  My parents were here for a couple of days and joined in answering as well.  I love that.  It brings us together.

I love that it creates a moment where we choose to look back, be grateful, take in lessons and memories.

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