Friday, December 24, 2010

sweet things

My friend was out and had a late lunch with her daughter.

They purposely ordered on the cheap side.

As they were eating she heard an older woman behind her.  "Do I pay at the table, dear?" she asked her server.

My friend said that she heard the voice and it reminded her of her grandma's.  She quietly asked her daughter if the woman behind her was alone and her daughter nodded yes.

When the server came by their table, my friend asked for the woman's check, feeling compelled to pay it.  The server told her she'd already laid it at her table.

My friend got up, went over and told the woman that she wanted to pay her bill today.  The woman's eyes misted.

"Did you know that I just lost my husband?"

"I'm so sorry you're sad," my friend said.

The woman asked why she wanted to pay.  She said that she felt she was supposed to and wished her a merry Christmas.  She gave her a hug and took the check.

Later the server also asked my friend why she did it.  Again, she said she just felt compelled to.  The server said that she had done the same thing for someone a couple of weeks back and wasn't sure why she had done it.

My friend concluded with, "Maybe God was trying to speak to us..."

I love her faith.

Many blessings to you as you celebrate the birth of the One who sees us and cares.

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