Monday, November 7, 2011

places and people

right now I am so thankful for
  • time with my parents.  peace and moments simply to be...we were simply spoiled.  Not sure what more to was wonderful
  • seeing places that are beautiful and old and have lived history
  • seeing Jeanie, just to be together
  • Evee who so easily adapts, who lets her sister walk all over her on an almost 10 hour flight, is an actual help to me and wants to be by me because she's sick (and says it in the sweetest way)
  • Iris who has no concept of being "well behaved", "talks" to anyone who is around, fights sleep on an airplane to no end, makes me about lose it and then makes me laugh
  • ladies who sat behind us on the plane (a group of 9 traveling together) who talked back and forth with Iris through the seat and another woman who gave Evee and I a break and took Iris around the 7 hour mark of our
  • Emilie who made yet another trip to JFK to pick the girls and I up and heard me tell my stories to her, to Clint and to my parents and will possibly read them again here :)
  • coming home to Kim (and George and Hana and Aida) who makes chicken noodle soup for all of us, even though she is the one who is most sick.  Evee has her playmates back.
  • seeing friends and catching up (or knowing catch ups will happen soon)
  • fest-o-fall, which our friends throw every year, this being our 4th year going to it and it's nice to have seasonal happenings that are familiar and comfortable
  • Clint coming home tonight, which is close enough that I can make it because it's been too long
There have been moments in the last 3 weeks where there was uncertainty with flights and questioning if decisions and timing were right, but I look back and know that it was as it should be and that we can make it through delays and sickness and's all worth it.