Thursday, October 20, 2011

Train to Vienna

We race around - get through a shower, pull out some clothes and pick up breakfast.  A bit of a way to start a day and night away.

Run to catch the tram; coffee in one hand and a small bag thumping my side.

But now we are on the train.  I'm reading a novel and it's been awhile.  We are alone with a lot of other people.  And I am thankful to be on this train for 3 hours and to have a night in Vienna.  Who gets a time like this?

(And, honestly, I've gone through whether I should even post since it feels too lucky to get to travel like we are at this time in our lives, but it's a gift and I truly am thankful.  So I won't feel shame about traveling and time away and visiting parents in Hungary...because shame seems like it would be a form of ingratitude.) 

The cornfields are just like Indiana and the trees remind me of New Jersey.  The last time I took the train, it was into New York City, but this train is nicer and the scenery much different.

We are relaxed.  My book in hand.  Clint has earbuds in with a map in front of him.  It reminds me of his dad who always appreciates knowing where he is in relation to everything around.  I like it.

I can see a man down the aisle.  He is with his children, at least 3...maybe more.  He has such ease with them.  They gather around as he reads from some sort of magazine.

And I find that I care less about what I look like or how I come across.  I am drawn to the comfort and gentleness of this family.  I am soaking up the moments I have now, sitting next to Clint, relaxed and reading.

Clint says there is only about an hour left till we arrive.  I feel like I could ride this train for days...finish my book, look outside at beauty and history and watch people.

I am in love.