Thursday, October 13, 2011

2 things

This week I am ever so thankful for the little things that bring so much peace and joy to us.  2 things in particular. 

1.  Come to find out, there is a dance class that started for 3-5 year olds living at the seminary community, right where we used to live...and with all of Evee's friends from our time there.  We are SO thankful!

Evee loves, loves to dance and I'd been trying to think through how I could get her into a class again.  Then here it was, right before me. 

2.  Then another friend, who was a kindergarten teacher before kids, offered to teach Evee along with her own son 2 mornings a week while I'm at meetings for work.  Evee is SO excited (as am I).  One of her goals for this year was to start reading.  We have played around with it here and there, but I am thrilled to have direct help in this area 2 mornings a week.  Evee and her little friend seem to get on so well and this morning she woke up saying that she couldn't be late for school.  Again, so fun.

And I guess it also makes me grateful because I think about all the transition that Evee has been through and will continue in, as wonderful as it is, it is still change.  The fact that she has these things - a dance class each week with old friends and schooling that she is so looking forward to - makes me happy.  Simple joys.