Friday, December 31, 2010


The other part of "musing garland" (still thinking through what to call it)...  There are 6 more days after the initial 25 that count up to Christmas day.  The barrier between the first 25 tabs and the next 6 reads "Hope 2011".

This week we've continued the habit of asking a daily question, usually around the dinner table.  All of the 6 questions are about the year ahead.  Something we'd like to do as a family.  Something we are hopeful for.

Again, I love how it is simple, but requires a bit of thought.  I love that it helps us think about the year ahead, in a dreaming sort of way, as we've just finished debriefing the year almost gone.  It puts a bit of perspective on our days.

I am anticipating the year ahead as today it is still a mystery.  There is much unknown, but I am at peace and even curious as to what our days will look like. 

Most likely they will continue in the same fashion.  I am happy with that.  Since no matter our circumstance, peace/simplicity/love can remain.

Happy new year and much hope to you!

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