Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

To help me remember some things we did for Christmas this year...

A bit of gift inspiration from this year...
  • Fabric nesting toy - from Made by Joel 
  • "Tinker toy" interlacing-stacking (3rd picture down) - also from Made by Joel
  • Our own homemade cards
  • A rendition of a crayon "roll up" (do you know what I mean?)
  • And our tradition started this year of counting down days / anticipating Christmas / remembering the year coming to a close / being grateful (I wanted to call it our "musing garland" (kind of fun, don't you think?), but Clint didn't love that name...back to thinking about what to call it)

And I've written down a few ideas I might attempt next year, if simplicity allows (which this year it did not :)).

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