Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Registry for Baby Items

We found it a bit overwhelming to register for baby items. We weren't sure what we really needed and basically only wanted things that were essentials. On one trip, I brought a friend who had already had a baby and that had been helpful to know what to put on the registry. We registered at Babies R Us and Target. I felt that those two places covered the basics easily.

My sister just found out that they are having a boy! She is due this summer and we are so excited for them! She was asking about what kind of things to put on the baby registry, so I thought I'd write it out on here just in case others had a similar question. So, here is the list that I came up with. Oh, and I would get as many things as possible neutral so that you can use them for whatever gender comes next :).

Basic essentials to put on the baby registry
  • Something for baby to sleep in (could just use pack n play)
  • Sheets for above (maybe 2 so you can just switch out when washing)
  • Blanket (2 - same as above)
  • Diaper bag (see below)
  • Stroller (see below)
  • Pack n Play (see below)
  • Changing pad or table - I think a changing pad would do just fine. Half the time we ended up changing Evee in the living room.
  • Monitor
  • Hangers & some way to organize the clothes (we had some baskets to help)
  • Pail to put diapers in
  • Clothing - we got most as hand-me-downs or little outfits that people give after the baby is born. I think a few are nice, but get as many hand me downs as possible. I'd maybe put the following on the registry - onesies (1 or 2 packs in first 2 sizes - skip newborn size though), sleepwear depending on the season (onesies for summer, gown type of thing for winter), and 1-2 cheap newborn outfits to take to hospital (unless someone gives them to you).
  • Car seat (and base if needed)
  • Chair for eating - you could use a high chair or we just got this chair and have loved it.
  • Bottles - depending on whether you are nursing or bottle feeding. We breastfed and probably only needed 2-4 bottles.
  • Storage bags for milk or container for formula.
  • Bottle nipples for each stage (different flows - it talks about on the box)
  • Breast pump (if breastfeeding) - we were given some hand held pumps that worked fine. But, I didn't have to pump too much either. We borrowed an electric pump some of the time includding one weekend that we were gone...very helpful. You can get replacement tubing for these if you can find one from a friend or at a garage sale.
  • Breast pads - I would get the reusable ones that you can just wash. Maybe 4-8 pair depending on how often you want to wash.
  • Baby shampoo
  • Bib(s) - we use this bib all the time. Evee didn't spit up much when she was little, so I didn't use bibs too much since we were breastfeeding and she didn't spit up. A pack of cloth bibs might be nice. Same goes for burp cloths.
  • Thermometer - one that's fast and accurate (ours was already like that)...we also got one for free from the hospital.
  • Baby brush (or sometimes there is a grooming kit).
Notes on a few things above
  • Diaper bag - I just put a few things in my purse or a regular bag that is a bit bigger. I know most people don't feel that this is possible, but worked out fine for us! Even now, with Evee, I put a diaper or 2 in my purse with a ziplock of some wipes.
  • Pack n play - we got a cheaper one and I've seen some of the nicer ones and they are nice! We needed to use our pack n play a lot this past summer so we just spent an extra $20 and got a mattress for it. We can use it without the mattress easy enough, but for longer stays, the mattress is nice (I definitely wouldn't buy a mattress for a while though). Just know what you need and will really use as far as pack n plays... some people use them all the time (for a sitters or going to friends/family), and some hardly ever use it. We used it more than what I thought!
  • Stroller - This is a tough one too. I would have just got something like one of these. Clint thought it would be nice to have more of a travel system, though. We did use the stroller a few times without the car seat, but basically switched to an umbrella stroller as soon as she was old enough. Not sure, though, if it is cheaper in the end since you'd have to buy a car seat and base (or 2) still with the first stroller I talked about...you'd have to price it out.

Could get away without having, but are nice to have
  • Boppy (nursing pillow) or just use a regular pillow
  • Rocking chair
  • Swing or bouncy seat
  • Carrier or sling (this one is basically an essential in my book) - Get info and directions to make one at this post.
  • Pacifiers (1 pack)
  • Dishwasher basket for bottles and stuff - I loved this!
  • Infant bathtub - just something cheap, but it is nice to have when they are so little.

Not necessary - personal choice preferences
  • Couple little toys - teething ring or two (I found that you are their favorite "toy", especially in the first few months.
  • A few classic books
  • Something for "tummy time" - blanket or get a play mat if wanted
  • Towels and washcloths - we ended up just using our own instead of getting special baby ones

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  1. I wish your list was around when I was prego with Eli. I was so overwhelmed with registering. The store's registry list just had way too much on it!