Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Green things

This is a "help, help" request. I've noticed that any posts on greening up life have been scarce around here... Plus, I was hoping to do more of a weekly column than a monthly one over at Mom4Life, but thus, it is indeed more of a monthly thing.

So, question to all of you - what are your thoughts, questions, desires to know about all and any things green? I find that I am most passionate about it when it also helps us financially - so, I may be thinking small scale. Lack of creativity here :). I'd love and so appreciate getting some feedback on this either in comments or e-mails - info(at)babygetgreen(dot)com. Thanks!

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  1. Hey there! I've been thinking about composting lately--how to do it well, what are the benefits (costwise as well as eco-friendly wise). Does it really make that much difference for your garden? Basically, is it worth the trouble.

    I've also been thinking about purees and the benefits (making ahead and freezing, "sneaking" veggies in meals for my toddler). I've read The Sneaky Chef and am giving it a try. Any additional information on these two topics would be much appreciated! Keep blogging. I love your site.