Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Catch Up

A few things I wanted to put on here and haven't yet!

My latest Going Green post on Mom 4 Life can be found here - it was on recycling storage issues and was last month.

I've recently gotten some great reviews on my eBook, "A Month of Meals". Also, I've lowered the price to $6.95, which I'm really excited about because it's made it way more accessible! I went back and forth (as any of you who have been on here for awhile would know) because I know people will save a lot using the principles, but didn't want price of the book to be an issue in saving money! So, I feel really good about it and have had a good response.

Last week it was featured as a giveaway on - this was so exciting for me! If you don't know her blog, you should definitely take a look. It has a lot of great information and she's wonderful!

I also had a review at Northern Cheapskate which is another great blog that talks about living frugally and has a lot of ideas!

And the week ahead, I'm planning on having a question/answer post on couponing, which is something I really know nothing about! So, I'm excited to get information and pass it on to you! I am also working on a few more "make your own" posts for things like corn heating bags, cards, and baby wraps. And, I'll be working on some more "going green" posts. Thanks for the thoughts I got on that and any more are welcome!

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