Friday, February 6, 2009

Plastic Bag Storage

I wanted to pass along this way of storing plastic bags to any of you who may be interested. I've always been frustrated with our plastic bag storage. I hate the thought of throwing the bags away (I think that you can recycle them at certain places, I just never know where that is), but hate to keep and store them from when I forget my cloth bags (which I hate when that happens!).

When in Australia I saw a friend storing them like this and have found it really helpful...

Squeeze out air and flatten

Twist around your hand and put end through center hole (it doesn't knot it or anything, but it does stay pretty well)

Like this...

All of our bags when done

Before pictures...

And after...

It may not seem as major in the pictures as it does live but, believe me, I can tell the difference from the look/usage space, but also from when I take them out to use them! It's much easier to just grab for one and get one now, instead of reaching in and pulling out 5!


  1. great tip! kind of off subject, but that is how i store my daughters tights in her drawer. i roll them up like that, then they are in neat little balls instead of a jumbled mess!

    another idea for storing the plastic bags after you roll them (or even before) is to use them to stuff any balloon/pouf valances you may have in your house. and you can still grab them if you need to use one or two.

  2. Hi, I'm friends with your parents, used to attend some of your ideas here. This post about keeping plastic bags manageable also makes me think of a creative use for recycling jeans that have holes or don't fit....cut the leg off one of them, stitch or hotglue some cut scraps of ribbon, buttons, felt shapes, WHATEVER! to decorate the denim leg, stuff the leg full of your plastic bags, attach a ribbon to the bigger end of the jean leg, hang from a hook or nail, and voila! A really cute bag holder that costs you nothing and adds a sweet homespun touch to your pantry. I have made several and love them!

  3. hi there. I just thought I would mention that at my daughters elementry school (in SoCal) they collect the white bags to recycle. They have a day that you can drive through and drop off and they get money for the school based on the quantity. Its a state wide program I guess because the woman who organizes it said our school was #1 in our area and like #5 in the state... our school got money for the recycling plus a bonus for doing so well. It added up to about $10,000 for our school! Could you imagine if the people in our community that did not have kids in the school participated also? Perhaps a school in your area could use some bags?

  4. Awesome blog. Great tip. Can't wait to go home and do mine.