Thursday, October 2, 2008

Baby Carriers - Sling

Back in the Baby on a Budget post, I mentioned that my sister had made me a baby carrier/sling for Evee. We have used that sling and other baby carriers quite a bit in Evee's first year and a half and have LOVED them. When she was just a few months old I would walk with a friend on a semi-regular basis, and use a baby carrier we were given from a friend. The other slings that we've used have been home-made. One is just a long piece of fabric (a wrap baby sling like the Moby Wrap) and the other is one that my sister made. If you want to make a pouch baby sling for yourself, there's a link to pattern at bottom.

Evee is at such a busy stage right now, but still wants to be held at times and longs to be close. I was thinking the other day, as I was walking with her in the sling on my back, how great a feeling it is to be carrying my child. Her arms were tucked in and there were times I'd feel her head resting against my back. Evee has always loved getting in - whether it's been to sleep, help cook, go with me as I clean, or take a walk. There's something very comforting about carrying your child as they snuggle in close.

Here is the progression of our sling usage (and some of my pregnancy weight gain and loss as well :))...

Evee was just a few days old here - you can't even see her! I can't remember exactly, but she was probably sleeping away in this picture, tucked inside the sling.

She was a few months here and this is the Moby type of wrap I put together with a long piece of fabric. I used this a lot at a camp we went to last summer because she could face outward or be tucked in facing me - she'd sleep in it or happily go around with me.

Just 2 weeks ago - now as a toddler (we've used it all in-between!)

Same baby carrier, but positioned on my back - I became more brave with putting her in the sling on my back after being in Africa this past summer and seeing how the little ones are carried there. Having her on my back is so helpful and she loves it! We've taken walks like this and, in this picture, I was doing house cleaning with her riding along.

Like I said, my sister made this pouch baby sling for us. If you'd like to make a sling to use with your little one, you can get the free pattern and directions here at this site! It is most similar to a Hot Sling. If you have any questions about the wrap baby sling in these pictures or getting a sling without making it yourself (I do like to sew!), feel free to e-mail me.


  1. Look at you losing all that baby weight! I had a sling like that too when my babes were little. Now with the baby nearly five I don't carry them much anymore. :o)

  2. Slings rock! I used them with all three and am still using one with our "baby" , she's almost2! cute blog , by the way!

  3. I have a Hot Sling (that I bought on so I saved a ton) and I really LOVE it. When I use it with Luke he gets the biggest smile, plus it saves my arms!!

  4. Wow really nice collection of Green Baby Sling...