Monday, November 24, 2008

Bumkins - A review

As part of a review for the Mom Bloggers Club, I recently got some great stuff in the mail from Bumkins. We were excited to get a package containing a Dr. Seuss Coverall Suit, a Grinch Superbib, and Grinch Ornament last week! Evee isn't quite able to fit into the suit, but it is SO cute. I'm excited that they sent me 24 month size that's a bit big, so that it will be useful in the months ahead.

We really love the bib that they sent and that comes free with any Dr. Seuss purchase from Bumkins (see code below). I think what I love most about the bib is how fully covering it is - we've had fewer messes since using it! I also like how it's light and mobile. We had been using a more rubbery bib that's a bit firm and bulky, so the Grinch Superbib is just easier to use. Plus, Evee wants to wear it all the time (see below).

As for Bumkins, the company - "Bumkins Finer Baby Products is dedicated to providing distinctively designed, quality, family-oriented merchandise." I really like how they sell practical stuff that helps out families. You can tell that they think about the kids and families who will be using their products when they design them. I also love that they started as a cloth diapering company :). They still sell cloth diapers as well as a host of other products - some being organic and natural. Definitely worth checking out! Bumkins is also hosting a Grinchmas Gift and Contest! With any Bumkins Dr. Seuss purchase you'll receive the free Grinch Superbib and automatically be entered to win a four pack of Dr.Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas Ornaments! Just enter grinch08 at checkout to receive your complimentary bib.


  1. just getting caught up today. Yes, I also love the FULL coverage bibs! It is fun when companies make stuff that is fun and cute and VERY practical!!


  2. I LOVE Bumpkins bibs. They are all we use.

    I love that you can just rinse them out in the sink.