Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Story of Friendship

I actually wrote this post awhile back, but thought it kind of fits as an after Thanksgiving post. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and feel very blessed!

In a moment of inspiration awhile back, I told two close friends from college that we should write a story about our friendship. How there are three of us and we are all good friends and the beauty of that... Personally, I still think it's a great idea :), but when push comes to shove I'm sure we won't do it. Besides the fact, that I may have been the only one completely sold on the idea (I know Michelle was getting there ;).

I have been thinking about friendship the last week especially. We have been so blessed with amazing friends from the past (where we came from and others) and new friendships that are starting to form where we are at now. With phone calls/e-mails with friends back home, having friends come to visit, gatherings of women here that are either a regular or causal thing, I am just thankful for friendship tonight. There is something very peaceful about having people that you can share the journey with.

There are days that I could cry thinking about friends that are far away and days that I could cry in my gratitude for the many amazing people in my life.

I pray that you would have deep and meaningful relationships - ones that give and take depending on the season, people who you'd go out of the way to help out and feel reassured in the fact that they would do the same for you (because they want to, not because they feel they have to). Friends that you end up laughing so hard with, you cry. Friends that are sad to see you go or to say good-bye - whether you'll see each other in months or just days.

It's a very sappy post, I know, but I'm so thankful...

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