Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Worry and Stress

The other night I had a bit of a breakdown - I won't go in to details because it was pretty ugly, but after processing it through the next couple of days I realized that the core of it was a lot of worry. Worry about lots of things that all ended up boiling out at once and fed on each other (and me thinking about them over and over - obviously, a major part of the problem :)). Many things that I had/have no or very little control over. Thanks to a very gracious husband, I was able to see a bit more of what was going on inside of me and talk about it and I'm sure I have more to process... Deeper things and then also just little planning stuff (which, of course, is what I'll mostly put on here).

One of the little things was flying with Evee for a long period of time...like from the far east coast to CA to Sydney, Australia...alone. Plus, the day of the great breakdown, she was running a solid fever and I just wasn't sure which way we were going with it. (Turns out, she is back to her normal self and doing wonderfully. I think she's just thrilled to be off the couch and able to run around.) Note: I shared a bit in this post that we are heading over to Clint's family for his brother's wedding and to see everyone! It will be great! Clint will be meeting up with us after his January class is finished.

Anyway, it's made me think of a few things - deeper things, like anger, what to do with frustration, how to not say mean and hurtful things when I'm dwelling completely on myself...you know, just little stuff like that :).

Practically speaking about the situation with Evee, I'm thinking about how to best prepare myself for a good 24 hour travel experience with my daughter (Clint, thankfully, will be with us on the way back). If anyone has suggestions (tried or not), I'm open to hearing them, but I also leave in a few hours so most of you may be reading this when we are on our way to the airport.

So, here's what I'm thinking
  • The sling! This got us through the quick trip to the Midwest for Christmas - it saved us because she fell asleep in it while waiting at the airport in Chicago
  • Umbrella stroller - because she is almost 2 years old and gets heavy for long periods of time in the sling! Or, I'll end up using it to push our bags as I hold her in the sling :)
  • Books - avid little reader
  • Little things we have here at the house or can get super cheap - like I shared in this post
  • Possibly a portable dvd player, if I can borrow from someone...we'll see
  • The ice in the drinks that they pass out - it's worked for us in the past at least! She likes to eat it if the pieces are small enough
  • Coloring - my mom got her this great little purse looking thing for Christmas that holds the crayons and the paper
  • Walking around - I am thankful that we can walk the isles on the long flight and that she's old enough to do so
Any other suggestions? I'll make sure to post what was most helpful and what wasn't!

So, wow, this was a very heavy and light post - all in one!

Oh, and I have some posts saved up for when I'm gone and I'm sure that I'll try to post a bit once we arrive as well!


  1. I have traveled twice now alone with my two kids (ages 1 & 3) on 6 hour flights. I always bring a special snack that they are excited about but don't get very often.

    I also bring several new activities that they have never seen before, but are similar to things they have enjoyed in the past (too new and they may reject it; too similar and it gets old too fast).

    Make friends with as many 'neighbors' as you can (pray for good travel mates). That helped on my last trip. They amused my kids and I felt more comfortable that my kids weren't bothering them.

    Have a great trip!

  2. Thanks Christy! Good stuff - thanks for passing it on.

    Signing off now...I'll post again (besides the scheduled posts) when we get there and I get a chance!

  3. Hope the trip is going well. I too can get all tangled up with my own worry and not even realize what the root of the problem is. Sometimes a good meltdown is what we all need.

    Sorry I never emailed you back the other day. I didn't know you were DONA certified. I enjoy postpartum work so much. I guess I really relate to moms in that capacity better after having 3 babies in 3 years. Motherhood is a huge transitional thing.

    Look forward to reading more from you!

  4. Hi Jamie,

    You've probably already left, but maybe these will help for the way back. :)

    Straws. Sam loves 'em. And you can get them anywhere. You can take two and tie them together in the middle to make "wheels"

    Headphones that they pass out (I'm all about the toys I don't have to bring from home).

    Digital camera--take a funny picture of you both held at arms length. Look at it and giggle. Repeat.

    Bubble wrap. Your seatmate won't like you, but Evee will.

    Lollipop--keeps the hands and the mouth occupied.

    Hope to see you soon!