Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Great books...

*For those who read this today, you can think of Evee and I because we will still be traveling unless you are reading this very late on Wednesday night (in America). If you have no idea what I'm talking about, scroll down to yesterday's post on "Worry and Stress".*

For those who know me, and as I'm sure will come out more and more on this blog...I can be very passionate about different things that I learn about or experience. There have been some amazing books that I end up talking about to many people. I hope to do book "reviews" on here sporadically starting some time soon - just covering the basics of what the books are about and what I've taken from them.

I ended up setting up an Amazon Store to gather them all in one place. You can check it out by going here and it's also down the right side of the blog now too (under "visit the store"). Either books or products that I know and love. I hope to share more about each of them in time. Also, if they are books that you just want to check out before committing to buying them (or books you just want to read one time only), here is a great resource for finding your local library. Or Paperback Swap, which I've mentioned before and love - free way to share and receive books of your own! I just was notified that I'm getting "Parenting with Love and Logic" from PBS because one came available and it was on my wish list - very exciting!

If anyone has read or reads any and wants to discuss - let me know! I'm pretty excited about all of them on there. And, there are different categories for different topics (on the left side of the store).

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