Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Make Your Own" - BooBoo Bag

Before Christmas, I made some booboo bags for a friend who wanted to give them as gifts. I thought I'd share the basic premise on here just in case you want to make them for a little person in your life. You can put them in the freezer (in a ziplock bag or something) for as a more comfortable ice pack or heat them up for a bit to bring heated comfort. I'll try to describe how I made them - they were very simple, I just don't know if I'll explain it very well. Please, e-mail or comment if you have questions!

A friend's sewing machine that I've had way too long...sorry Mandy, if you're reading this!
Matching thread (or not...whatever you prefer)

I used some fleece material that I had leftover from cloth wipes I'd made. Just cut a piece double the size you want (because you'll fold it over) and a bit bigger (since it will be smaller after sewing it). The one's I made were maybe 4 inches by 6 inches.

Here it is sewn on both sides and then turned inside out.
The one end didn't need to be sewn because it is the fold.
Side profile...

Then I filled the bag with rice (just the cheap stuff at the grocery store) and I know that there are other fillings you can use. I then sewed the top together.

And, voila! Pretty simple. If you end up heating it up, I'd only do it for 20-30 seconds to start (depending on the size) and then keep heating until desired temp. If wanting it cold, just put it in the freezer till needed (a ziplock bag will help keep it from getting stuff on it).

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