Friday, January 16, 2009

Peace & Simplicity

So, this weeks simplicity was my list! Even though I have a "to-do" list every day, I really don't think I could have managed this week (or last) without it! Such a help. I've been using some sheets that my dad created for my mom to use. I'm adding them to the blog so that anyone can grab one if it would be helpful to you. It's just on the right side of the blog under "Helpful Print Offs". I sure loved it this week!

My list was "before leaving" instead of making it for one specific day or even the week. On it included...
  • Packing
  • Paying bills (one I had to call to see what the bill was because I knew we'd have to pay it while away, but we hadn't received the bill yet)
  • Clean house
  • Make some extra meals to freeze (for Clint or when we get home)
  • Laundry
  • Post on blog in advance
  • Call United (we were on the waitlist for a different day...I've literally been calling every night or every other up until 2 days before we left)
  • Send something out for a friend
  • Put hold on P.O. Box
  • Stop by grocery store - see the short shopping list on this post
  • Write notes to Clint for while we're apart
So, I can say that, as I write this (tomorrow we leave), I am just about done. I'm still working on blog posts and need to do a quick load of laundry in the morning. So, that is simplicity! Feeling good about leaving tomorrow! I've also been adding stuff to an "upon return" page for things I don't want to forget to do once we get back. It creates a more peaceful return if I'm not wondering what I'm forgetting!

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