Monday, October 27, 2008

Traveling well with kids

Sorry for delay in getting the post out today! We had some wonderful friends in town this weekend from back home and then I worked most of yesterday after they took off. Anyway...trying to get inspired this morning :). I had a great post started for today, but I'm not going to have it finished this morning yet. Another day for deeper thoughts!

Then, I sat down and was planning on putting some pictures up of some fun we had 2 weekends ago (and it was free), but am having trouble in the uploading pictures process. Yikes!

So, now I just thought I'd share this great idea with you that I would have shared tomorrow instead! Whew!

My friend who was here this past weekend told me about this idea that she'd heard from some other people they know. When traveling with kids, have a few things wrapped up so that as they get bored or whatever, they have something to open from time to time (and play with). So, when it was close to time for our friends to head back home on Sunday, my friend and I were wrapping presents for their daughter with some tissue paper I'd had. We just went to the $.88 section of Walmart and got some fun things - squishy animals, putty, a little snack, stickers, a toy car, and maybe another thing or two. It was perfect! The nice thing, for me, was that there were enough of some things to share - so, now Evee will be opening some of those same things as we head to meet up with family for Thanksgiving!

Good idea for the upcoming holidays. You could even wrap things up that you already have - things that would work great in the car and your child hasn't played with in awhile! Or wrap different snacks - it would take longer and be more exciting if it were wrapped up!

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  1. I have always done this with my son, Sam. Now that he is getting older we even use it as a game. He loves trying to guess what the next goody is!

    It can really pass the time, with very little effort or cost!