Friday, December 19, 2008

Peaceful & Simple Moments

So, I thought I would do "moments" this week instead of "home" since we left yesterday to start our Christmas travel (hence getting this post out mid-afternoon instead of in the morning!).

My top peaceful moment this week was during traveling (although, I wouldn't say traveling in and of itself was peaceful :)). Finally, after being in Chicago for far too long on a layover and Evee being way past due on her nap, she fell asleep in her sling! Again, so thankful for that sling my sister made for me! Evee loves it and is so comfortable when I carry her in it. After walking around a bit, she was asleep by the time we boarded the plane. It was great to have her spread out and sleep on our laps.

Although, I'll say, too, that it was peaceful the night before we left - to be totally packed and have the house clean (I love knowing that I'm coming home to a clean home!). I made sure earlier in the week that cleaning, laundry, and even packing was done. The night before we left I packed my carry-on and then was able to stop by a few friends' places to say good-bye and Merry Christmas. It was a very peaceful night when it could have been last minute chaos!

Hope your weekend before Christmas is a peaceful one!

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