Saturday, December 20, 2008

Passing peace on...

I've been thinking lately how important it is to cultivate peace in our homes and moments, but then also how important it is to pass that peace on to others. Just to be on the lookout for how we can easily do a little extra in creating peace in our lives so that we can then pass it on to others.

I know, for me, that unless I'm conscious about it, the moment can easily pass before I even think about helping someone out. And, in the midst of the holiday chaos, it's really hard to think about anything but what we need to get done or where we are going/doing. I am reading a book right now called "I Love the Word Impossible" by Ann Kiemel. It's been really convicting me to put peace and love into action. Traveling yesterday provided many opportunities to see
this! Even if just thinking about the times I could have used some help and realizing that I've probably watched people in the same situation without even thinking to be helpful (i.e. when Clint was gathering our bags from the plane and I was holding Evee (outside of the gate), trying to get the stroller settled & put our coats and my bag into it. I noticed that people were just watching as I struggled :)).

And then, thinking about others...Yesterday while waiting in the terminal, we got lunch. It was so busy in the food area and everyone was looking for spots to sit. There were tables where more people could have sat, but you wouldn't necessarily feel comfortable asking someone to sit closer together so you could sit down. Anyway, we did find a seat and a bit later I saw an older women looking around for a seat as well. I thought, we could easily sit on one side of the table so that she could have the other side. It worked out great in the end and it was nice to meet them. So simple, it just means being conscious...

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  1. Great thoughts Jamie! I had some of the same thoughts at different times this past week - standing in a P.O. line in Redmond, WA with 18 people ahead of me, power walking through the airport barely making it to my gate in time. There were a few incidents where I saw the true nature of mankind come out... not always a pretty picture.

    A kind word or practical help is always a pleasant surprise.