Monday, August 20, 2012


I went for my normal time alone on Saturday mornings.
I got to the cafe and realized I just wanted to be with Clint and the girls.
I went back home (which, thankfully, is close) and we all went out for breakfast. And we ate good food and drank wonderful coffee and caught up a bit on the week, the bits we'd missed.
It was perfect.

And Evee's friend, who lives a block away, came for the afternoon. They worked on their spelling (what in the world?! :)) and had a tea party, among other randomness.
It was sunny and it feels that we haven't seen the sun in weeks (don't be fooled, though, by the shorts and t-shirt... it's not even spring yet.)

We had a vision night at a cafe tonight for The Well. I thoroughly enjoyed each conversation I was apart of. I am amazed at the people that have come around us. They are truly wonderful.

Happy start of the week to you!


  1. Oh, how sweet! Loved hearing about your Saturday, and just had to smile at your return home to head out for breakfast with the fam. Evee looks SO grown up! My goodness. . . oh, how we miss you.

  2. I know I've been absent lately... meaning to call but realizing it likely won't happen until we are settled a bit in Cali. But, I love catching up on your life reading your posts. Evee's haircut is so cute. Miss you all and love you much!!!