Thursday, August 16, 2012

Today was "sushi day". Parents were allowed to come for lunch. Not sure how long I've got till me coming to school is no longer a special thing. I'll take the opportunities as they come.

After knowing her (almost) every waking moment for 5 years, it's nice to get a glimpse at what 6 hours of her days Monday-Friday look like.

She is such a treat to parent. Thankful for her little friends at school, especially the one who holds her hand on the playground.

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  1. Oh, our Evee. Growing up so fast. I seriously don't remember a time when you kids didn't enjoy having me come to your school. I think it will be the same for you :).

    Missing you so much, and those growing girls. Ugh. Sometimes my heart aches with the long distance. Lots of love and hugs.