Friday, July 27, 2012

travelers, adventurers

Here we are again...

I wonder how many of my posts are about hellos and goodbyes. This life we live amazes me at times.

It has been a whirlwind the last 2 months. Much goodness I hope to share in the posts ahead. This week we return to a bit of normal, though we are learning what normal is each day as it comes.

My sister left on Monday. Words are not sufficient to say how I felt about her time here, nor are they necessarily needed. I think about her time here and get tears in my eyes. I am thankful.

Many times I think it would be fabulous to live on the same street with my entire family in walking distance of each other. But then again we wouldn't have moments like the last 6 weeks, of a deeper intensity and living together.

Since our family traveled the world together 16 years ago, I think we all knew we were changed. We became travelers. I think of us as adventurers who have fallen in love with certain places around the globe and have settled in.

It is bittersweet.

Tonight as I went to grab Iris to put her to bed, she ran to the room next door. It was dark, but she still said, "Juju?".

"No", I said.

"Byebye", she states, like she is still working it out in her head.

It will take some time. 


  1. Beautiful way of expressing these past two months and what it meant for your family.

    I'll be missing our time together fifteen years ago as we watch the Olympics over the next two weeks. Remember parking ourselves in front of the television during the Atlanta games?

    Always thinking of you guys and your journey.

  2. Wow, do I know what you are talking about!! Helpful perspective. love,michelle

  3. Ah, so sweet. So glad you had that time with juju :). We're looking forward to seeing her in this part of the world upon our return to the states.

    That trip 15 years ago certainly impacted our family. For you, that trip formed the trajectory of your life. Amazing, isn't it?
    Love you!

  4. Josh - Oh man, I remember sitting in that living room in Brisbane till the wee hours of the morning watching the Olympics. Some of the memories of that time are so vivid.

    Miss you!!!