Thursday, August 2, 2012

Between Clint and I, usually one of us is getting the girls ready for bed and the other is cleaning up dinner. Rarely, do we all sit down to read the nightly story, but tonight after cleaning up and for the second that Iris sat with us, I listened in. It was nice, all sitting there on the couch together.

Evee and Iris have colds. Tonight after Clint had tucked them in, you could hear Evee coughing. Every time she coughed you'd hear, "ok?" straight after. Not sure if Iris is actually asking her if she's okay or if she's just heard that's what you do... either way it's nice to hear.
And I think about growing up and how it never ends... How we are constantly learning about life and what it looks like - both our small picture of the world and the world as it's whole.

Tonight I feel thankful that I daily get to see the simplicity of childhood. I am thankful for people to process life with... People who get you straight away, without explanation or striving to be understood. And my hope is that I become more gracious because of age/mistakes/heartache/beauty/life.

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