Monday, July 16, 2012

//Farmer's Market
//Coffee shop conversations
//Botanic Gardens, picnicking with friends, Julie's love for trees
//Dates nights with Clint and Julie (thanks to the Sander's)
//Music class with friends, sweet kids
//A walk on the beach before lunch with friends

It has been full and wonderful and crazy. Hellos and goodbyes, with more of both to come. Thankful, thankful for the last few weeks and what they have brought for us personally and for the community of The Well. Learning much and journeying on. Excited about the continuing ahead.

This week we head back to the school schedule after 2 weeks of school holidays. Getting used to the routine again and all that comes with kids and school.

Heading out for a few days to celebrate our 10 year anniversary (thanks to Auntie Julie)! We are excited!!!

Happy week to you!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a great time. m

  2. Loving the photos and can't wait to hear about your anniversary! Love that one of ChCh at night and Evee running from the tree. :)