Saturday, May 26, 2012

After a Suicide Bereavement Support Group - Christchurch, NZ

I sit here with a friend who's partner committed suicide 4 months ago.  She started a search long ago and we have continued it this afternoon...looking for grief support for those who know someone who has committed suicide.

We cannot find one.  And the one that was in Christchurch stopped back in 2005.

We are wondering...are there others?  Are you (somehow finding this post) looking for a group like this?  Know someone who needs a group like this?

We would be happy to make room and start a group like this.  It would be comforting...a place to share your story and be understood.

Please email me - for more details.

Much love.

******** UPDATE
We have begun a program called WAVES - suicide bereavement group (from Skylight in Wellington). We started groups in 2013 and will continue into 2014. Please email me for more information and I can send you a flyer - jamieussher @ gmail .com or leave a comment below with your information.


  1. Great ministry, blessings in it

    (and no idea sorry, I've never needed to know! :( )


  2. Hey friend! Refer your friend to It's an online support group with a group specific to suicide that she could join. I don't know much about the suicide group specifically, but the website in general has been a great resource over the years. In addition, (and again, don't know much about their "curriculum" per se) on you can sign up for a daily support email.

    Let me know if you need any other resources... I'd be happy to search and see what else I can find.

  3. yes i would be interested having lived with this for 13 years

  4. Hi. Im scared anxious and so glad someone has started this site. My partner commited suicide 6 months ago. I feel so alone. We were together 5 years. We worked together and had hopes and dreams and then the quakes hit. Things changed. Stress, eqc,insurance,depression,family,friends,. I find it hard to talk about things now cause no one wants to really know my pain that stll continues. The support I had has now less but my pain is strong. No one speaks his name anymore and when I do theres silence, pity. Im tired and im normally very strong. I need support with the moments when im weak.and I need to support someone who feels like I do when im strong,,,

  5. anonymous again altho I really don't want to be just cant figure out what profile will submit my comments..So Michelle;s my name...anyhoo,,,,,I see it been a few months since someone has commented. Hope you well. Cause for me Im still taking it day by day,,,,:)

  6. Michelle/Anonymous, Do you have an email address that I can reach you at? Otherwise, please email me at jamieussher @ gmail .com

    We have bereavement groups now taking place in Christchurch. I'd love to get you the information for the upcoming group. Please feel free to email me or comment again with your information. Thanks, Jamie

  7. Hi, do you still run a bereavement group in Christchurch. Thanks.

    1. We do run a group. Please email me at for more information. Or leave a comment with your email and I can email you. Thanks.