Friday, May 25, 2012

Five o'clock hit.  I started prepping dinner.  We were all a bit tired, a bit breaking down.  The girls had made the trek to pick up groceries with me after school.  We stuffed them in the stroller and walked home.  They were troopers.  But, then we (truly all of us) were done. 

I just needed to make it till six.  A bit after six, Bek walked in. 

And she was cheerful.  And she may or may not have said hello to me before getting on her knees to talk to the girls.  And I can't remember if I said hello.  I was just happy she was there. 

And it took but one second for Iris to warm up again and absolutely non for Evee.  And she told me that curried lentils sounded great.  And we ate.  And we talked around kids needing juice and thinking that the lentils were too spicy.  And I don't think she minded.

While I got the girls in pj's, she started on clearing the table.  I decided I'd put Iris to bed before I headed out.  I did and came out to Evee and Bek chatting away.  She told me not to worry about the dishes. 

I told her that we are currently reading Charlotte's Web before bed.  Just one chapter was fine.  I knew she probably had studying she needed to do.

Evee said she loved me.  It was an easy goodbye.

I came home to dishes done. And put away.  I sat on the couch and we chatted.  And she is easy to be around.  She said that my kids were great, even though I felt that they were a bit rough during dinner. 

They read three chapters of Charlotte's Web.


  1. So nice to have a competent friend / babysitter who you can just be you in front of :)

    thankyou soooo much for coming tonight! You gave me lots of interesting things to think about, and as always, lovely to be around your smile :)


  2. I love this post for the obvious reasons, a glimpse into the life of my nieces! And I really loved the writing. That last line is just perfect.

  3. beautiful.

    skype when clint's here on sunday? or skype everyday next week when the boys are away?

    but seriously.