Monday, May 14, 2012

beginnings and mini adventures

Last days at kindy to school prep to first day of school.

On our way walking to school this morning I said, "pretty exciting".  Evee replied, "I'm very excited."  And she is. 

In the midst of the everyday ordinary, extraordinary things happen.  Sometimes known to us, often times not.  Little steps taken.  That's really what life is, isn't it?

Watching, listening and taking in the moments for what they are.  Mini adventures.  Moments to create beauty, find life, live hope.  When taken, they may lead to something grand.

Hoping you a wonderful start to this week!


  1. I love your thoughts of mini adventures. "Moments to create beauty, find life, live hope." What a mantra!

    I'm going to make every day a mini adventure. Have I told you lately what a great mom you are! :)

  2. I second what mom says, I love the thought of "mini adventures", so simple, yet so beautiful. Thanks for this.

    Love you.


  3. i love all the labeled supplies! that was always my favorite part of going back to school :)