Wednesday, May 16, 2012

good things

At the end of a day I find that it is good for the soul to reflect on the joys.

I get to look at these cheeks each day.  This girl has got my number.  She makes me soft and I can hardly say no to her.  I am working on it.  Gentle but firm, gentle but firm...

Tonight we watched our friends' kids while they went out on a date.  It was pay backs for helping put shelving in our closets.  5 kids, no problem.  I love swaps.

A few details came together that really needed to come together today.

My sister bought her ticket to come be here with us.  June 14th I will be picking her up and hugging her tight and will keep her for as long as she can take us.

Evee is loving school.  And even though we are now told how to do things like her teacher does them, I am happy that she loves her teacher and going to school in general. 

We are learning to heat our room at a time.  It's starting to feel cozy...just in time for winter.

Today and this weekend - catching up with moms and sisters and brothers and dear friends over technology and loving that I know what is happening in people's lives, despite the great distance.  The world can feel so small and for that I am thankful. 

We found a doctor.  May seem like a small thing, but it makes me feel all the more connected to this community.  And we love her.  And I can walk there. 

My immigration paperwork is moving ahead.  Maybe even (way) ahead of schedule.  That would be amazing.  Still pray though.

And people, just getting to know people.  Thankful to know so many wonderful people four months into being here. 

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