Sunday, May 13, 2012


Today we drove 5 hours, maybe a bit more...arriving home for a short weekend trip.

Even with good travelings, 5 hours being a short trip compared to what they are used to, there is a lot of moving around.  Refilling juice cups, passing back books, opening markers, zipping up bags.  I ended the drive propping up the iPad so that two tired girls could zone out to a movie.

The random.  The seemingly meaningless moments.  And yet, somehow, it is a joy.  To be filled with intense love no matter what the current situation is bringing or has brought.  This is motherhood.

Growing up we took so many road trips.  One summer we drove from Michigan to Texas to the West (maybe to Montana, Colorado) and then back to Michigan.  4 kids plus an extra for the going to Texas leg.  No dvd player.  Not even a cd player.  I think we had tapes and I know I had my walkman (oh yes).  Probably weren't wearing seat belts either since I remember making forts in the back of the van.

I'm sure my mom lost her mind somewhere along the way, but I only have fond memories.  All the things she would have given, sacrificed on that trip for it to be a bit more enjoyable for us.  The comfort, sympathy and laughter she brought.  Sweetness.

You carry your kids with you, for life and no matter what.  This is motherhood.  

I love my mom.  I love that I get to be a mom.  It is a joy...even when you are traveling 5+ hours on the day you are being celebrated.

(And Clint's mom had 4 boys all 2 years apart.  No more needs to be said.  She, too is an amazing woman.)

Happy mother's day.


  1. Love this! Happy mothers day! I'm glad Iris is protecting her eyes. :)

  2. And to you, Jamie.

    Recognize that blanket thrown over the back seat (yours as a baby), and remembering those road trips, some long, some short. I still have my sanity :). Love being your mom. Love being Grandma to Evee and Iris.

  3. happy mother's day jamie :) i hope to someday be even half the mother that you are.

  4. It boggles my mind to think about that road trip with four kids. I suppose we all played together...hopefully it eased the burden. So did the Econoline. Imagine if we all had to be strapped in for that trip. I think we would have turned back somewhere between MI and TX.

    I agree with you about motherhood, or parenthood, it's really tucked into those unseen little corners, without applause or notice.