Saturday, April 28, 2012


A post on technology feels a bit silly.  Really, technology?  I go back and forth in my love of it and the craziness of it, but this week I am oh so very thankful. 

Thankful that a new 5 year old can wake up on her birthday to conversations with her papa and grammie and end the day writing to them and telling them about her party. 

Her granny and granda watched her open up the gifts they sent her.  Then they had a tea party.  All over the computer.

I called my own grandparents.  Talked for as long as we wanted.  I cried hearing their voices and I felt close even though we are so far apart.

We got new phones...ones I hemmed and hauled over whether we should, but now we can text family and friends in all parts of the world for free and I can see sweet pictures of nieces and nephews more often. 

And I feel all the more connected and am feeling so very thankful for all these random devices and programs and apps that (sure, can suck up our time if not in check, but) bring connections. 


  1. So true..I was able to speak and video conference with Haemin over in Denmark this past week while she was on a business trip. Praise God for the ability to so easily communicate.

    We miss you guys and keep up on your posts to see how you all are! Take care!


  2. The love and craziness of it is right! We were just talking a few weeks ago about whether or not we could give up our iPhones.

    So glad we can connect more often with you guys. Lots of love.

  3. So thankful for the technology that connects us across the miles!