Wednesday, April 11, 2012

extra care required

After a bit of drama and a lot of time, our things finally arrived from the States.  I've kind of mentioned it, but figured it was worth a post itself. 
The simple part of me was not ready to receive our things.  We've lived for so long on so little.  It was quite nice.  You become very aware of what you don't need, but always had.

The other side is so happy for certain things.  Our worlds have come together a little bit more.  To sit in that rocking chair and rock my babes, to have the girls sit at my mom's red table and chairs...these things bring peace to my soul.  They are apart of us.  They make sense to have here. 
As I look over the things that we shipped I realize that it feels that many of you are here with us.  Oh so many reminders/thoughts of you.  Friends new and old, here and there.  Everything from blankets made to toys given. 

Dear friends.  These are sweet reminders of you.  I am thankful for these gifts.  Therefore, I am glad that our shipment arrived, even though there is much sorting to be done...


  1. How exciting! It is amazing what makes you suddenly feel like your home is home when you have those gentle reminders of those you love!
    Enjoy my friend! Watching your kids faces when they see their loved treasures is just too precious!

  2. That is really sweet :D Enjoy unpacking!