Saturday, April 14, 2012

a bus to the airport

Clint headed to Auckland for meetings...he had to leave really early, before the buses are running.
Plan A: ride his bike
Plan B (if it's cold and rainy): he drives and the girls and I take the bus later and get the car.

It was cold and rainy.

We hadn't taken the bus yet here in Christchurch.  It was an adventure for a 4 year old (and for me).  Very exciting.  Cold, rainy and took a couple of hours, but still...very exciting.

We transferred at central station.  The bus we were trying to catch, we had just missed.  We had time to grab a coffee at a coffee trailer right there.

We chatted while they made our latte.

I started, told them their set up seemed nice.
Yeah, not bad.  They used to be in Cathedral Square though, they told me.
Oh, of course.  I feel slightly silly for thinking that they were always randomly parked at the bus station.  I guess this set up isn't quite as good as their previous one.
They were just thankful to have a spot, they said.  Maybe it doesn't have 80% tourist anymore, but there is constant traffic.
You have to just keep going, they say.  Keep moving.  
They think the worst of it (the earthquakes) has past.  They hope at least.
We talk about how beautiful this place is.  How amazing Christchurch is.
She tells me that she wouldn't want to be anywhere else, even with all that has happened.

And I'm reminded how scary it was for scary it can still be for those who experienced it all.  I am reminded of all the transition and "moving on" in tough times people have gone through.  Amazing.  The people of Christchurch are amazing.

And, again, I am proud to be here.

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