Monday, March 5, 2012

we're home

Between hosting friends, packing house and moving into a new place (and making sure we have the essentials to fill it), I have missed this spot.  To think and write and share life with you.  

I would have loved to share pictures today or simply write a longer post, but we are out and about running errands and using internet because we don't have it at home yet.  I will look forward to connecting here again soon (whenever we get internet or have a moment to head to the library)!

In the meantime, we have moved.  We are slowly getting settled.  We are excited, but there is a lot we hope to accomplish in and around our house.  I think its going to be great.

I am grateful...
that we are getting settled
had a friend's trailer to use
had friends to help us move
and more offers
had a meal brought over on the night of the move
have a bed to sleep in
we are together
we are happy
it will all get done.  

Much love to you!


  1. miss you dear friend! so happy life will finally be able to get into a rhythm for you. love you and miss you. let's skype will you feel more settled!!

  2. SO excited for you guys! Cannot wait to see pics - love you and miss you all so much. Wish we could be with you right now.


  3. Missing you a ton. So happy that you are finally in your own home. I hope in the midst of finalizing all the details you can enjoy settling in :). Much love back to you!