Wednesday, February 29, 2012

There are pictures I have of random findings to show you - like the sewing machine that I got for $5 (!!!) and the food processor for $1.50.  Many others in the days and weeks ahead, I'm sure. 

And I have a couple of places to show you - like the botanic gardens and the little french town we went to one weekend. 

But, those will come. 

Remember my post on life feeling normal and routine?  We are a bit out of that routine and short lived normalcy.  But I have hopes that we will find it again soon.  Maybe next week, or the week after that. 

Tonight while I was going to pick up baskets I'd bid on and won, yes baskets, I thought about calling someone to chat and catch up.  And then I realized I couldn't.  Instead I thought about life and listened to music.  Not bad, but I would have rather have talked with you. 

Much love.


  1. Wow Sewing Machine for $5! That is a bargain! I know the feeling about calling, it always seems to get me in the late afternoon and I can't call the states or England or South Africa!!!!

  2. Let's talk sometime in the next week! Sent Julie off to Turkey this morning :(. Great time with her. Hoping life gets back to some normalcy again :). It will. Love you!

  3. Think of you all the time.