Monday, March 12, 2012

Here again (!!!!) and 31

So happy to be connecting here again!  Oh the things I missed catching up on this past week and can't wait to hear about this week - a precious baby born into the world and a wedding and, as always, the everyday of life.

We are settling in.  I'll just skip over last week and continue at present.
Today, tonight celebrated Clint's 31 years of life.  A card and shell given to him by Evee this morning, a family lunch, a date tonight and a small bit more celebrating to go.

I'm happy to be his partner through the journey of life.  I love walking beside him.  I love our dreaming, discussions, figuring out of us and life.  No one I'd rather do it all with.


  1. Happy birthday brother! Sounds like a nice day.

  2. Happy Birthday Clint!!! Hope it was great! Miss you all!