Tuesday, March 13, 2012

lamb roast

Tonight we did the traditional birthday lamb roast.  It's always a bit busy around the roast and a majority of my day is spent in the kitchen, but I'm always happy that we've celebrated and shared it with friends.

Tonight I had 5 kids sitting on the back deck eating chocolate ganache cake and asking for more.  We had good conversation in between kids scrambling around.  We sang happy birthday.  Our neighbor popped in for a piece of cake and glass of wine. 

Before cleaning up, we walked our guests to their car and then our neighbor and I walked together.  Upon return it was dark.  The laundry still had to be hung.  I didn't mind.  The stars were perfect and it is a peaceful quiet. 

I think about all the people we've shared that simple lamb roast with.  Each year I love those we are with and am always thankful.  Started 5 years ago (maybe?) with the Christners.  Some years there were 12 others that shared it with us, some years just 2.  And within moving a bit there are others I'm very surprised we haven't shared it with yet.  Maybe someday, one year? 

One week in at this new home, I feel very blessed.


  1. You are such a great wife making that lamb roast for Clint's birthday :). I love the photo. Looks like Iris' hair is staying curly. Man, do we miss you guys. Gotta skype when we can!

  2. Is that your back yard?? If so, it's amazing!