Thursday, March 15, 2012

the community garden

On Saturday I stopped by the community garden that is closest to our house - less than 2 miles away.  They have seedlings for sale, lunch you can eat that is made from garden goods and people volunteering.

I met Ann.  She let me walk around and ask her some questions.  She told me that she is there each Thursday, if I ever want to come along.  The kids can come.  We can join them for lunch.  I can get free seedlings as a volunteer.

I told her that I've really only ever had a garden with the help of others.  I told her that I'd love to help with whatever, learn all I can and then create a garden at home.  She said that was fine.

Today the girls and I went.  We watered, we planted, we joined them for lunch. 

I followed Ann around.  Asked her questions.  Talked about gardening, in general and in New Zealand.

We met Bluey.  He had me guess his age.  He is 83.  He picked cauliflower and carrots for me to take home.  He called Iris ratbag, gave her tomatoes, carrots, and grapes.  She ate them up.  He asked her if her mom feeds her.  I laughed.

At lunch I asked more questions about gardening.  The woman in charge wondered why people hesitate to start.  It was a simple push to jump right in and not worry about doing it perfect.  It was a nice reminder...for all of life.  (I've also been amazed at friends who are embarking on an urban farming adventure of their own...surely I can dive in with my little backyard garden.)

It was a funny community in a lot of ways, but they let us hang out and accepted us.  It was easier than I thought to jump right in.  Not many rules, just contribute where you can.

I think we will go each Thursday.  Help a bit, eat together, learn a lot and then take that into a garden project/step of my own for the week.  With lot of questions for Ann the following Thursday, I am sure.

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  1. Love this!!! And hope someday to meet Bluey. :) Tell Clint, Evee & the ratbag we said hello!!! ;) oh, and happy belated bday to Clint!