Thursday, February 9, 2012

just the 2 of us

Clint has begun more of a "regular" work schedule and Evee started kindy (preschool).  So, it's just me and Iris. 

She's a sweet, happy and cheeky one.  Oh so cheeky.   I'm happy to be with her.

Really it's 3 mornings, 3 hours each. 

We weren't going to do anything before she starts up at primary/elementary school, however she is super excited to be going to any kind of school and the government pays for any 3-5 year old who goes to preschool, up to 20 hours.  Crazy.  Besides the fact that this one in particular is really close to our house and was recommended by a new friend. 

And it will ease me in to not having her around for 5 full days when she starts school.  Yikes.  All in all, we're all happy about it...maybe in a bitter sweet kind of way (for me at least).


  1. Its a small world! Sounds like you are both really loving the one on one time! Enjoy it!

  2. Oh, that sweet Iris. She is indeed a cheeky one. Miss putting my face next to hers. I remember the special one-on-one times I had with Julie when you older 3 were in school. Enjoy! Love you!

  3. Iris's eyes are so beautiful. Enjoy the special time.

  4. We're missing you... the cheeky beauty, the kindy-bound little & Clint. These pictures brought tears to my eyes. Oh how I love and miss you terribly much friend. Let's chat again soon... So happy to read of your "settling in" process. I see peace in your eyes.

  5. The sweetest post ever. Love that sweet girl.