Friday, February 10, 2012

home is...

There are everyday chores that I didn't do much of for weeks while traveling.  (Let's be honest, didn't do much of also while living with friends.)  Washing, meal planning, cooking, tidying up a house.  When these simple acts are done with love and consistency I believe that they bring peace to a home, as mundane as they can seem in the moment. 

Of course, peace is not relative to a specific location, I know this.  But at the same time it is nice to have your own location to create and work out of...and that is what I look forward to, perhaps long for.  

Sometimes I feel that life, in this time in history that we are currently in, takes an extra measure of intentionality to be a family that moves forward together.  I think the family unit far too often seems segregated.  I do find it to be one of my highest priorities to see us as a community that is truly in life and mission together.  Though I have to remind myself of this quite often.  Like today.  Love must be in the actions, even in the unknown of life.

I had this quote above my kitchen sink in Princeton and I will continue to hold to it as a wonderful reminder of how the often mundane tasks have incredible influence on the life of a family.
"If we are willing to make the extra effort required to share a common meal, then our lives are richer as we break bread together; family solidarity is built." (Cynthia Lair in Feeding the Whole Family)

(There are many details involved in renting a place in Christchurch right now.  For those who pray, will you pray along with us for a home?)


  1. All so true. Sitting down with a family last weekend and having meals together reminded me of how significant those times are, no matter how common they might be.

    Praying for that special home!

  2. We are praying!
    Love you

  3. We will be praying! I read that quote every time I was in your kitchen:) Thank you for making your table a place at CRW where so many of us could come together to break bread. I'll always cherish those times! Love you!