Monday, February 13, 2012

4 and 4

This post was to be months ago, but I wanted to make sure to do it due diligence (in my own mind) and not post hurriedly in the midst of travel. 

I think it is something amazing to take people into your home.  Usually it is someone on their own, maybe a young adult, maybe a young married couple.  But a family?  A family of four?  And not in a separate area of the house?   That is also something.
In June (2011) we moved in with friends.  When George and Kim invited us to stay with them for the six months after seminary housing was complete we were amazed to say the least.  When we moved in we quickly saw their humility and generosity and were even more in awe.  

They moved their family of 4 into 2 bedrooms.  We took 2 bedrooms for our 4 and then they also gave us an extra office space.  Yes, we had more rooms then they did.

And the first week came and went and was wonderful.  I figured it was just because it was the first week.  But, a month went by and 2 months and 6 months and we were thankful every moment of our time there.

Evee mentions regularly the things that her, Hana and Aida did.  Evee had almost constant companionship and Iris had unceasing entertainment.  The 4 of them instantly, truly, became sisters.  It's a wonder we are now making it on our own.

Cooking together, baking together, swapping kid care, watching hgtv and the food network, reading books to multiple kids, eating first dinner, eating second dinner, having multiple flavors of homemade popcorn, the bits of crafting done whenever there was a spare moment and the hours spent around the kitchen table talking of work and church and beading and crocheting and kids and food and sadness and dreams and everything else. 

It was a beautiful 6 months.   We became family.

Thank you dear friends.


  1. Could have cried when I read this. Yes, what dear friends. I was privileged to meet this family. What generous hearts!

  2. We just loved hanging out with you guys and George and Kim! They ARE so generous and welcoming. Thanks for opening up your home to the Usshers and their friends. We really loved our evenings at the Huang Home.

  3. What an amazing 6 months! Your kindness and graciousness made it so easy. We are also thankful for every moment we had with you. You will always be part of our family :) Lots of love to you!