Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Christchurch is cold.  Yes, it is summer.  Yes, we are wearing long sleeves daily (sometimes sweaters) and are using down comforters at night.  Who knew?

We pray on the way to school and at night before bed that there wouldn't be earthquakes.  We've only felt three small ones since being here.  I can see that it is still in the back of her mind.

I am so very thankful for friends near and far, new and old.  You guys are amazing.  So much is happening in your lives, too.  Thanks for caring about us within your own journeys (which I love to hear about whenever you share).  I think about you all so much.

Finding peace and rest in the process.  Remembering that all of this change, transition and decisions can be fun, if I allow it to be.  And, it has started to be just

And, as most of you know thanks to facebook (yes, crazy facebook), we found a house and we are excited and it feels good.  We move on March 5th and I will be sure to post pictures.

Happy day to each of you.  I hope it is one of beauty.


  1. Happy day to you too! And congrats on finding a house! God is good :) 24 days til our wedding here. Life is crazy, but good and things are coming together... perhaps this is true for both of us at opposite ends of the earth? Love you and love reading your updates. Between you and Emily, I am itching to blog again too.

  2. Beautiful photo Jamie. Such a beautiful position young Evee is in, so playful and content.

  3. Oh sweet Evee. I miss her dearly.